In Memoriam

4/3 2005 -  27/1 2010

On the 27th of February Ch Brenna VH Nardinc Bastion passed away
after beeing diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Brenna came to Sweden in Mai 2005. I was over to pick her up from Mary and Hans Knoppert in Amsterdam, Holland, who had the kindness to offer her to me. She was by Ch Maestro of Currabell who I tried to use myself 3 times without success. When I heard that Mary and Hans was mating a daugter of my beloved Woody to Maestro I asked if I could book a puppy and I could. Unfortunatly I didn´t have room for her at home so I asked  Mats Sjogren if was intrerestedin co-owning her with me, he was. We decided that Brenna should live with Mats and I was able to have a litter from her.
After the Worldshow in Stockholm 2008 Brenna was leased by Connie Philipsen, Famous Crowd´s, in Denmark to be mated to Ch Famous Crowd´s Paddy´s First. She had 1 dog puppy and 4 bitches. 2 girls was kept by Connie. One of the bitches Connie kept was Junior Worldwinner in Bratislava 2009.
In January 2009 Brenna came up to me and was mated spring 2009 to Ch Aquatikus American Specialty. She had 1 dog and 8 bitch puppies. ! went back to Mary and Hans KNoppert in Holland, 1 went to Monica Mayes in Canada, 2 to Norway and 1 to Finland. The rest of the puppies are in Sweden.
Thank you Mary and Hans for letting us have her.

29/6 2005 -  25/5 2009

Aquatikus Irish Legend

On the 25th of May "Paddy" was put to sleep due to malignant lymphoma. He was such a great dog always ready for new games. He loved his owner and did everything for her, they were a very close couple together.  He is deeply missed. He should have been 4 on the 29th of June 2009.


1998 – 25/12 2006


Pentwyn Bronagh
Import from New Zeeland

Pentwyn Bronagh, COLA, was a bitch I imported from Mrs Maria Ormond, New Zeeland. She was born in april 1998. Her lines goes back to old english and american dogs. Cola had 4 puppies by the late Swe Ch, WW-98, SweW-01 Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker. 3 of them are champions and 1 never shown. She has grandchildren in Scandinavia and USA.

Hips B/C and elbows good.


9/5 1996 – 19/11 2006


Photo: Mia Sandgren

WW-98, Swe W-01, Swe Sh Ch Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker
USA Ch o Can Ch Madrona's Mr Liam - Ch Delaware Snowstorm

Bred by me and
co-owned with Hans Rosenberg
och Chatie Henriksson

WW-98, SW-01, S(u) Ch Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker, TINKER, was born in May 1997. He was the result of an insemination with frozen semen from Am Ch, Can Ch Madrona´s Mr Liam. "Liam" lives in Canada but by the kind permission of his owner, Monica Mayes, this was possible. Tinkers mother, Norw Ch Delaware Snowstorm, Caipis, is bred by myself and Mr and Mrs Attwood, Doonbeg, England, and was born in quaranteen in England.

Tinker was shown during 1999 with groupwins and several group placements. He was best dog on the finnish speciality 1998, judge Mrs Marion Hopkins, Mallyree, USA and worldwinner 1998 in Helsinki, Finland. Judge Mr Andrew Brace, England. 2001 he was BOB at the Stockholm show.

Tinker hade exellent hips (A/A) and elbows. Eyetested. He has 2 litter of puppies in Finland and 1 in Sweden.


22/1 1993 – 20/12 2005


Photo: Per Undén
NORDIC W-99, Norw Ch, Swe Sh Ch, USA Ch, Swe W-00, WW-00, WW-03
Co-R's Wingset Woody O'blu Max
Am Ch Lindholmes Mr Michael - Am Co-R´s Abigail O´Blu Max

Breeder: D. Vaughn, B. Littschwager, R.Roes, D Reed, USA
co-owned with Hans Rosenberg

In the end of 1997 I had the fantastic offer to buy Woody. Who could say no? He came over in Marsh 1998. He stayed with Sari Ranta in Finland for 6 month´s to avoid quaranteen. Thank you Sari. Finally Woody came over to me in September 1998. Seidi Linnavuori brought him over, thank you Seidi. What a dog! Calm, very forward and the easiest you could ask for.

Woody´s fantastic show career started in April 1999. He won groups, BIS placements, several group placements and ended up 1999 as Top winning dog in FCI´s group 8. He was invited to Champion of Champions in 2000 and was best group 8 dog that night too. The same year we went to Holland and Milan, Italy.
Holland held their Clubshow with 48 enteries and the judge was Mrs Pepi Barrington, Fynder. Woody was BIS. We took the car to Milan and the worldshow. Woody was BOB and pulled out among the 6 best dogs in group 8.

In 2001 we went to the breed specialty in Finland. The judge was Mr Nick Waters, Zanfi. Woody had his second Breed Specialty BIS. It was also nice to get BOS with his daughter Ch Akvavitix Woody´s Samba.

Cruft´s 2002 was our next show. Mr Frank Kane judged. Woody had the CC and BOS to a very nice young bitch Malanis Brown Starlet of Foulby. This was the first time ever he was  beaten in the breed.

The very last show for Woody was the worldshow in Dortmund, Germany, in 2003. He was then 10,5 years old. He was awarded Best of Breed and had a progeny group of 12! 9 stayed on untill the final in the big ring, thank you for that. Woody´s progeny group was placed BIS-2 in the afternoon which was fantastic. A very special feeling to see this. He was also pulled out among the 6 best veterans out of 83!

Woody had a great show career, greater than I ever could have hoped for. He has several champion offspring in USA and Europe. But the best of all was Woody´s fantastic personality. The kindest dog you could ever ask for. Never raised his tail to other dogs. I am more than happy that I had the privilege to spend a part of my life with this outstanding dog. Thank you Woody.


20/11 88 – 21/11 2001 


N Ch Delaware Snowstorm
Am Ch Mallyree Triple Expectation CDX JH - N Ch, Eng Sh Ch Princhett´s Rainmaker of Tarkus

Breeder: Susanne Narfström, Chris & Keith Attwood, Doonbeg, England

                                                                                      Photo Martyn Ford

”Caipis” was born in english quaranteen after that her mother, Mel, had lived with me for awail and was inseminated with, at the time, the very succesful american  dog Ch Mallyree Triple Expectation. Mel went back to England in whelp and had her puppies in quaranteen. When Caipis was 10 weeks I went over to England to collect her together with my friend Susan Salminen who also brought back Caipis brother Nebraska Chill. The third puppy stayed on with Chris and Keith Attwwod and was very succesful in England, Eng Sh Ch Hudson Chill at Doonbeg.

Caips had all that I could ask for. She was beutiful, lovely disposition and always happy and forward. She became Ch quite fast and had several group placements. The most famous of her puppies is Swe Ch, WW-98, SwW-01 Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker. “Tinker” is not used for stud a lot but several of his offspring are champions.