News 2015

Int Show in Stockholm, judge Mrs Carole Coode, Great Britain
9 iws entered and really nice ones! So glad to have Emily Pikul here to show Clara. She didn´t it great! Clara was best bitch  but beaten by Ch Catanka Stingray for  BOB.


Kennel club show, judge Mr John Reeves-Newson
Clara BOB!!!


Kennel club show in Avesta, judge breed specialist Rune Fagerstrom, Finland.
Was very pleased to show Clara for Rune Fagerstrom today. He liked her a lot and she was BOB. She was also pulled out in the group but not placed.


Kennel club show in Norrkoping, judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden
Very happy as Clara recieved her champion title today! She was also Best of Breed. Later in the afternoon she won the gundog group  under Bertil Lundgren! I was up on cloud number 9!!!


Int show in Gothenburg, judge Lillian Nilsson, Sweden
Clara gets her second CAC, CACIB and BOB!! Very pleased.



News 2014

in Sollentuna.
Judge Marie Carlsson, Sweden

Clara wins the gundog group! 



News 2013



Can Ch Aquatikus Hail Mary To Madrona had a wonderful group 4 today! Proud owner of Mary Catherine is Monica Mayes in Canada.


Ch Aquatikus Royal Straight Flush,

Eedla, recieves her last CACIB and with that gets her Int Champion title. Well done Pauliina Harju in Finland.


AKC Westminster
Judge: Frank Kane, Great Britain
7 of the most winning IWS compeats today, among these 2 of Claires littersister. A more than exiting class where Claire wins in the end och also goes BOB after a lot of exitment. She beat her littersister who now has 23 Best in Shows and is the most winning IWS bitch ever. What a dog Claire is!



Claire´s first show in the US since back. She wins the breed, group and ends up as Res BIS. Amasing dog.




News 2012



Stockholm Swedish kennelclub
Judge: Mr Colm Beattie, Ireland
9 dogs was entered to this years Stockholm show. 2 from Sweden and 7 from Finland.
Best male went to Ch Catanka Lucky Number, Finland, well done! A lovely juniorbitch, A Redriot A'curly-Co v Alpha Nordic, won the juniorclass at 10 months. She is bred by Marit Hansen, Norway and owned by Sari Vottonen, Finland, by Ch Aquatikus American Specialty - Curleyco At The Moment. A lovely bitch I´m sure we will see a lot more of in 2013. Big congrats to Breeder and owner.
"Claire", Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire, was entered in the championclass where 3 bitches was entered. Claire won the class and also recieved the Best of Breed rosette, great job Emily.

In the afternoon the started the groups. Group 8 was judged by the gundog specialist Mr Gordon Williams, Bournehouse english setters, from England. The exitments was incredible when Claire in the end was one of the 4 left to be placed. All of a sudden the loudspeaker said:

"the winner is irish water spaniel. Couldn´t believe it, second time in a row. Has anyone done this before? Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Emily Pikul from the USA for handling Claire so well. What a wonderful 15/11 2012!

Amsterdam Winner show
9 dogs was entered at the yearly Amsterdam show but only 3 recieved exellent. One of those dogs was Ch Aquatikus Home Run who also was Best of Breed and recieved the title Amsterdam winner 2012. A hugh congratulation goes to owners Mary and Hans Knoppert from The Netherlands.


Recieved great news from Holland, from Mary and Hans Knoppert with their Aquatikus Home Run. They have had wonderful success with "Nuala" during 2012. Nuala now has the following titles:
Dutch Junior Champion.
Austria Junior Champion.
German Junior Champion (VDH)
German Junior Champion Club.
Junior Winster (Amsterdam) 2010
Europajugend(Junior)sieger (Germany) 2010
Bündesjugend(Junior) sieger (Germany)2010
Jubileums Jugenddsiegerin 2010 Soltau Germany (Spaniel Club Germany)
Austria Jugend Clubsiegerin 2010 Graz. Austria ( OJC)
Austria Clubsiegerin 2011 Graz Austria (OJC)
Clubsiegerin 2011 Soltau Germany (Spaniel Club Germany)
Bündessieger (Germany) 2011
Winster (Amsterdam) 2011
Winster of the Mr.Sheen Challenge 2011(IWSVN)
Europasiegerin (Germany) 2012
Clubsiegerin 2012 Soltau. Germany ( Spaniel Club Germany)
Dutch Champion
International Champion FCI.
International Show Champion FCI.
She also has the following fieldresults:
Field Trial France 2010: Debutant.
Field Trial France 2011: Very Good 4e place
Together with her qualification at the show in Paris she got the title: Trialer.
In Holland she got at a retriever test from the KNJV the qualification: C.
18/11 In Stockholm. Today Claire went back to her owner Gregory Siner in the USA. Thank you so much Greg for giving us the fantastic opportunity to have Claire in Scandinavia for 1,5 years. It has certanly been a fantastic exerience.
Backamo, Ljungskile SKK
Judge: Stacy Sewell, Australia.
Nice weekend again. Kicki Boqvist, who has a pugbitch for me, came with me down to the westcoast. At this show there were also 2 IWS entered.
It was ofcourse Claire and the otherone was one of my favorite for all time, William, VWW-10, Int and Nord Ch Aquatikus American Specialty, at 10 years of age. It was just great to see him again. A very special dog. Claire was BOB and William BOS.
In the afternoon Carina Ostman, Sweden, did the group 8.
I couldn´t be happier when the red rosette was handed over to me.
What a day!
This ment we had to stay one more night on the westcoast. The day after we went back for the BIS final. Judge here was Joane Sewell from Australia.
A fantastic 4th in the final was the result! Great weekend again.
Svenstavik SKK
Judge: Moa Persson, Sweden
Another wonderful weekend, this time with Hans Rosenberg up north in Svenstavik. It was a rainy weekend but we were lucky during the breedjudging. There were 2 IWS entered, Claire and "Einar", Su Ch, N Ch Brown Clown Sune Zafir. Einar has really matured and become a nice male. Claire was BOB and Einar BOS.

Later in the afternoon the rain arrived but who cares! Judge for group 8 was Fredrik Norgren from Sweden. We were picked out and won the group! Great! After that it was time for Best in Show.
Kenneth Edh, Sweden, was judging. My dream came through, Claire was given the red rosette and was Best in Show.
Fantastic day and thank you to all judges involved this day.
Ransater, Swedish kennelclub
Judge: Ann-Christine Johansson, Sweden
Nice weekend with Margareta Rosenberg and Ann Carlström. Claire was up on saturday.

She had her Best of Breed and just when the prejudging started the sky just opened up and both Claire and I was soaked right into the skin. Even so we had a very nice group 2 under judge Dan Ericson, Sweden.


Fin, LT Ch Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash did it again. CAC and BOB gave Eedla one more title wich now is Fin Ch, LT Ch, LV Ch. Well done Pauliina.

Fin Ch Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash recieved CAC and BOB today and by that recieved a new title, LT CH. In the afternoon she also had a very nice group 2! Well done Pauliina Harju and Eedla!
Koping, Swedish kennelclub
Judge: Kelveri Philippou, Cyprus
Great day with nice sunny weather.

Even this day was wonderful as Claire won group 8 for judge Anne Buvik from Norway.

Rottneros, Spaniel and Retrieverclub

It was great to see William, Int Ch, VWW-10, Aquatikus American Specialty. He was in a great shape and so happy as always. William is now 10 years old and was entered in the veteranclass. Bjorg was kind enough to let me show him. William had his exellent and cac-quality.

Then it was time for Claire. She had the best critique I´ve ever red. Thank you so much Stig Arne Kjellevold for the fantastic word you said about Claire. Claire was BOB and William BOS.

Later in the afternoon the weather got better and it was time for the BIS-final. Judge Kjell Svensson, Sweden, chose Claire as his Best in Show dog. Just fantastic. Thank you so much for a great weekend.
Tvååker Swedish kennelclub
A fantastic weekend! The weather was not with us but who cares. The friday in Tvååker was a mix of sun and pouring rain.

The afternoon was great. Claire won a group 1for judge Bjarne Sorensen from Denmark. Just lovely, thank you!
We packed fast and went up north, in pouring rain, to Rottneros
Osterbybruk Swedish kennelclub

Another terrific day with Claire, Alone in the breed but in the afternoon we recieved another great group 2! Groupjudge Moa Persson.


Swedish kennelclub Lidkoping
Judge: Kenneth Edh, Sweden

Claire was alone in the breed today. She recieved her Best of breed.
In the afternoon she had a very nice group 2.
Thank you group judge Kenneth Edh.


Vasteras Swedish kennelclub
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta, Finland
2 dogs were entered.
Exellent went to Brown Clown Zigge Zirkon, owned by Ingrid Larsson.
Claire, Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire, had the BOB.

In the afternoon startd the groupfinals where Maud Persson judged. Hurray we were pulled out, great! All of a sudden there were only 2 left to be placed and when the red ribbon was handed to me I just jumped of joy. What a great feeling!

Soon after that the BIS-final started and Carl Gunnar Stafberg was judging. After a few laps around the ring there was only 4 dogs left and 1 was us! ......and soon only 2 left to be placed and suddenly the red rosette was given to me, unbelievable.
What a fantastic day that I never will forget. I´m so pleased.


Lahti, Finland
Domare: Beth Warman, NZ

Fin Ch Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash - BOB and Cacib.
Hurray! Pauliina Harju, Finland.


Crufts, England, 26 entered
Judge: Angela Williams, Foulby
So time has come to go to Crufts! Claire´s co-owner from USA, Gregory Siner, flew over to show Claire. Her breeder Colleen McDaniel and her husband Jack was there too.
We had a fantastic day with great success.
Dog CC and BOB went to Claire´s litterbrother Sh Ch, Am CH, Whistlestop´s Elements og Magic CD RN, "Merlin", who is owned by Judith Carruthers and Colleen McDaniel, England.
Res CC was given to Ir Sh Ch Fynder On Shifting Ground, owned by Mr J and Miss J Caufield &Furlong from Ireland.
After that the bitches started and there were 20 bitches entered, it became more and more exiting. "Claire", Am CH, Nord Ch, WW-11, SV-11, Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire, won an exiting open class and recieved the CC! Hurray!
And more exting to got when the littersister and brother was compeating for Best of Breed. Finally the judge gave the Best of Breed rosette to Merlin, so exiting! Well done Judith!
Best puppy was Merlin´s daughter Doonbeg Magic Dust, bred and owned by Chris and Keith Attwood. Congrats to you for a lovely young bitch.
If this wasn´t enough, in the afternoon Merlin won the gundog group, absolutley fantastic, so great, first time ever for an Irish Water spaniel. Thousands of congrats goes to Merlins breeder and owners.

News 2011




Swedish kennelclub Stockholms Hundmassa, 8200 dogs entered, third biggest dogsshow in the world this year.
A fantastic and magic day!

Connie came up from Denmark with Claire (Claire stays there now) on Friday afternoon. Emily Pikul from USA flew in Friday morning. Emily was handling Claire on Sunday. We had a nice evening together and the day after Emily handled my pug. Sunday was the day for irish water spaniel.

There was 10 dogs entered under the judge Hans Van De Burg.
WW-11, Multi Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire, Claire, was BOB, good job! Claire looked great in the ring with Emily. Later in the afternoon it was time for groupfinals.
Group 8 was judged by Mr Moray Armstrong, Bitcon gundogs, from Great Britain.
The exitment was enormous when Claire was pulled out in the group and all of a sudden there where only 4 dogs left to be placed. The exitment was even bigger when there was only 2 dogs left and the speaker said; the winner of group 8 is   ...   ...  ...   ...  ...   ...

irish water spaniel! I don´t know how to explain the happiness, it was fabulous. Thank you so much Emily for handling Claire so well, you did a great job. Claire is owned by myself, Connie Philipsen and Gregory Siner. Can´t wait for Claire to come over to Sweden again!


Jyväskulä, Finland FKK
Judge: Mr Frank Kane, Great Britain
Today "Eedla" Aquatikus Royal Straight Flush recieved her third CAC which also gave her the finnish championtitle. Big congrats goes to her owner Pauliina Harju, Finland.


Judge: Jens Martin, Denmark

WWW-011, US Ch SU Ch DK Ch N Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire had two best in shows today! First she was best in show at the spanielshow and in the afternoon there was a Best in Show for all the dogs at show, from different clubs, and she was selected as BIS again. Well done Connie, a fantastic day.


Danish kennelclub
Connie showed both Claire, www-11, Ch Whistlestops The Wind on Fire, and Gustav, www-09,www-10,www-11 Ch Aquatikus Xpectations From The Past.
Claire was BOB and also had a nice group 4.


Workingtest in Finland
Aquatikus Royal Straight Flush passed her workingtest (abilitytest) in Finland today. Well done to owner Pauliina Harju and Eedla.
Now we are waiting for her last CAC to finish her championtitle.


Danish kennelclub Verde
Glenda Cook, Australia

Am Ch DK Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind On Fire was BOB and had a
very well desirved group 3!


WW 2011, Paris
Evelyne Dumand, Frankrike
Photo by Jan Buk

Finally our day at the WW show has arrived. 13 dogs entered. There were dogs from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France and England, so nice.

BOB and worldwinner for the third time in a row was DK Ch Swe Ch WW-09, WW-10 Aquatikus Xpectation from the Past, perfectly handled by Emily Pikul from USA. "Gustav" is owned by Connie Philipsen and Susanne Narfström, Denmark. Is this a record?


BOS and worldwinner 2011 was given to our beutiful bitch US Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire. "Claire" is owned by Gregory Siner, Susanne Narfstrom and Connie Philipsen, Denmark.
Dog CAC went to Antdela Leonardo who ownes by Ant Andrews, Adele Blades and Allison McNaught, England.
The bitch CAC went to Inge Fishers classic bitch Donais U´Valkyrie, well done!
Best junior and JWW-11 went to a very happy Marion Kong, England, with her nice Whipcord Feel The Buzz.  BOS JWW was given to Sari Vottonens Curlyco Ofcourse.
Hip hip hurray for a great trip with really nice friends, Connie, Emily Pikul with her nice mother Kathy. Thank you all.

French kennelclub, Paris
Mr Gianni Guffanti, Italien

The first day in Paris the french kennelclub arranged a special show for group 3,8 and 10. We had 8 dogs entered.
Connie and I had 2 dogs with us from Sweden/Denmark. BOB was our lovely bitch US CH Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire.
Wonderful! Best dog went to SH CH Antdela Oleander, owned by Ant Andrews and Adele Blades, England.
Dog CAC was given to Curleyco Our North Star and bitch CAC to Curleyco Ofcourse, both dogs owned by Sari Vottonen, Finland.


Finnish kennelclub, Toijala
Judge Satu Ylä-Mononen, Finland.

Today Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash got her third cac, well done girls! Owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland.


Swedish kennelclub, Vallentuna
Judge Dan Ericson

Third start for Claire and she recieved her 3rd cac and bob. In the afternoon Dan Ericson also judged the group where she had a well desirved group 3. Great!


Finnish kennelclub Rauma
Judge Jurate Butkiene

Today Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash recieved her second cac, well done. Owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland.


SSRK/Ö Ulriksdal
Judge Mr John Thirwell, England


This day I will never forget! Claire was looking really good and so showy. She had her cac and bob and the judge liked her a lot but who would have thought that we would get the BIS rosett later in the afternoon?! Totally amazing day.

This is not something you will experience that many times in this breed, absolutly amazing. Thank you so much John Thirwell and Greg Siner for this unforgettable day.


SKK. Lidköping
Judge Mr Jim Byrnes, Irland

One week after Claire arrived she was entered to her first show. She was first BOB and then placed group 2 under the same judge, what a start!


Tallin, Estland
Judge Elena Ruskovaara, Finland.

Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation, Hilma, had her 3rd cac in Tallinn and through that she recieved her Estonian ch title. She was also BOB to Catanka Stingray. Hilma is owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland. Big congrats to you!


Wow, what a day. Went to Arlanda airport at 07.15 am to pick up the absolutly wonderful dog Am Ch Whistlestop´s The Wind on Fire, "Claire". Connie Philipsen and I have together leased this beutiful bitch from Gregory Siner, USA. Thank you so much Greg for giving us this opportunity, she i lovely!


Leeuwarden, Holland
Judge Mr Moray Armstrong, England

Aquatikus Home Run was awarded cac, cacib and BOB. She was also pulled out in the group. Her critique by M Armstrong was; Beutiful feminin head, nice eye and good dental, exellent neck and shoulder, super bone, very good rincage, strong quarters, moved well and nice coat.
"Miss Nuala" is owned by Mary and Hans Knoppert in Holland.


Finnish kennelclub Lahti
Judge Paula Heikkonen-Lehkonen.

Aquatikus Royal Straight Flash
recieved her first CAC, well done! "Eedla" is owned by Pauliina HHarju, Finland.




Austria, Graz
Judge: John Thirwell, England.

Aquatikus Home Run was BOB today and won the title Clubchampion 2011. She also recieved the title Austrian Junior Champion.
Miss Nuala is owned by Mary and Hans Knoppert from Holland.
Well done!


Austria, Graz
Judge: Dan Pålssen Helle, Denmark.

Aquatikus Home Run, "Miss Nuala" was best bitch and recieved the CAC and the CACIB.




Danish spanielclub

Ch Aquatikus Xpectation From the Past was BIS 4. Owned by Susanne Narfstrom and Connie Philipsen, Denmark 






News 2010




Stockholm Hundmässa  SKK
Judge for IWS:
Mrs P. Trotter, USA.

Photo: Roger Simonsen
5 dogs was entered. BOB went to CIB Nordic Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation, well done! BOS and his first CAC went to Coffee´s Mr Bean, congrats to you.




Ballerup, Danish kennelclub
Judge for IWS: Paula
Rekiranta, Finland

With the IWS we had it all. BOB and Kopenhagen winner 2010 was Ch Aquatikus Xpectation From The Past, " Gustav". He iis owned by Connie Philipsen in Denmark and myself. BOS and Kopenhagen winner 2010 went to Gustav´s littersister Ch Aquatikus Hope´N Xpectation, "Aqua".  Aqua is owned by myself. 
Great weekend!




German kennelclub
Judge: A. Cerne, Slovakien

Once again Aquatikus Home Run won the junior CAC and also the title Junior clubsieger. As she recieved her third junior CAC in Germany she also won the title German Junior Champion. BOB was her uncle Ch Bredan v.h. Nardinc Bastion.  He is also owned by MMary and HHans Knoppert from Holland.




Spanielclubshow in Germany
Judge: A. Hancock, Irland

Aquatikus Home Run, owned by Mary and Hans Knoppert in Holland, was entered in juniorclass and won the junior CAC.
BOB was her grandmother Ch Donais Vitesse v.h Nardinc Bastion also owned by Mary and Hans Knoppert.




Evening.  Specialilty show judge by Greg Siner from USA. 28 dogs entered.

The show started at 7.30 pm at the camping area where we all stayed.

BOB was Catanka I have a Dream. She is owned by Seidi Linnavuori and Saana and Eija Lethinen, Finland.

BOS was the veteran dog Ch Famous Crowds Paddy Go First. He is owned by Aase and Heino Larsen in Denmark.

Best breeders group out of 4 was my own AQUATIKUS dogs.

Thank you to all owners who helped me with this.

Photo: M. Roeterdink




Circuit show, Spanielclub in Stoholm, Denmark.
Judge: Elena Ruskovaara, Finland. 27 dogs entered.
Another great day with beutiful weather.  

BOB was the veteranbitch Ch Famous Crowds Paddy Go Easy. Bred and owned by Connie Philipsen, Denmark. "Olga" was also 3rd best veteran in show

BOS was Ch Aquatikus Xpectation from the Past, owned by Connie and myself. Even "Gustav" was 3rd best BOS dog in Show, well done! Again showed very professionaly by Emily Pikul, USA.

Bitch  CC went to Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation who by this gained her International and Nordic Ch title. Owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland.

Later in the afternoon Connie Philipsens Famous Crowds dogs was

BEST in Show breeders group.
Big congrats to a more than happy Connie.

Photo: M. Roeterdink




Worldshow in Herning, Denmark. 28 dogs entered.
Judge: Jens Martin Hansen, Denmark

A fantastic day! We had dogs coming from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,  Holland, Austria and Spain. We also had expectators from USA to see our dogs.

Best of Breed and the worldwinner title dogs went to Ch Aquatikus Xpectation from the Past. "Gustav" is bred by myself and owned by me and Connie Philipsen in Denmark.

Gustav was shown very professionaly by Emily Pikul from USA.

Worldwinner title bitches and Best opposite was Ch Calender Girl of Big Spaniel. Owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland.

Worldwiiner junior dog was CurlyCo Trick or Treat. Owned by Pinho Lazo, Maria Silvia, Spain.

Worldwinner junior bitch was CurlyCo Touch of Magic. Owned by Sari Vottonen and Susanne Nilsson, Finland.

Worldwinner veteran dogs: Ch Aquatikus American Specialty, owner Bjorg Helene Krogh Andersen, Norway.

Worldwinner veteran bitches: Ch CurlyCo Magic Mocca, owner. Sari Voottonen, Finland.

Photo: M. Roeterdink




During May Can Ch Aquatikus Hail Mary to Madrona won the junior sporting group 3 times and also recieved her Can Champion title.

Big congtrats goes to "Mary Katherine´s" owner Monica Mayes in Canada.




At the Int Europasiegershow in Dortmund - Germany in April

Aquatikus Home Run, "Nuala", recieved a junior CAC and Best of Breed.
She also won the title Europasieger 2010.
Judge was Dr Milivoje Urosevic.
Owner to Nuala is Mary and Hans Knoppert from Holland.




Spanielclub in Denmark.
Judge: Juha Kares, Finland
Ch Aquatikus Future Xpectation was BIS 3.
Well done!


News 2009


World dogshow in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Judge; Rui Oliveira, Portugal
There was an entry of 15 water spaniels and they came from Polen, Holland, Austria, Finland and Denmark.

BOB and worldwinning bitch was Sari Vottonen´s Ch CurleyCo Riverdance.

Best dog and worldwinning dog was Ch Aquatikus Xpectation From The Past, bred by myself and owned by Connie Philipsen from Denmark and myself.

Best junior and worldwinning junior title went to CurleyCo As You Know My name. He is bred by Sari Vottonen and owned by her and S. Nypelo, Finland.

Junior worldwinning bitch went to Connie Philipsens Famous Crowds Day Tripper.



3/10 NKK Hamar
Nord Ch Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation recieved her first CACIB and was BOB. She was also pulled out in the group by Kenneth Edh, Sweden.


25/7 Swedish kennelclub Ransater,
Judge: Kim Bay, Denmark
The Aquatikus recieved 2 new International and Nordic Ch today,
Ch Aquatikus American Specialty, William, who also was BOB, and Ch Aquatikus A Special Lease, Leasa, well done! William is owned by Bjorg Andersen in Norway and Leasa is owned my myself.


31/5 USA
Aquatikus Ode to Jake recieved his championtitle.

"Loki" is owned by Gemma Moorman, USA.


25/4 Swedish kennelclub Vasteras
Judge: Dimitrios Antononpoul
Brenna V.H Nardinc Bastion recieved her 3rd CC and became swedish champion. 

"Brenna" is owned by myself and Mats Sjogren.


12/4 SKK Kista
Judge: Paul Jentgen
Fin Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation recieved her swedish CAC and CACIB and therefor recieved 2 new titles, Swe Ch and Int Ch so now she is Int Ch Fin and Swe Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation.

Big congrats to her owner Pauliina Harju, Finland.


22/3 Fin Ch Aquatikus Frozen Xpecation, Hilma, was BIS 3. 
She is owned by Pauliina Harju, Finland


25/1 SSRK Strömsholm
Judge: Fredrik Norgren
Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation, recieved her 3rd CC today and became Nordic Champion


News 2008

Finnish kennelclub, Jyväskylä
Judge: Harto Stockmari, Finland

Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation became Finnish Champion and second best bitch. Well done! "Hilma" is owned by Pauliina Harju and Seidi Linnavuori, Finland



SSRK Mjölby. Judge: Fredrik Norgren

KHW-07, JNW-07 Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation recieved her second swedish CC and BOB.


31/8 Danish "Gold Cup Jubilee show".

Aquatikus Xpectation From the Past, Gustav, by Am Ch Mallyree Triple Expectation-Ch Aquatikus Colonial Style, was Best in Show 4 under judge P. Spudenick from Czeck Republic.

News 2007

Danish kennelclub, Brondby
Judge: Mr John Hartigan, Ireland
2 dogs and 2 bitches was entered. Best dog and CC went to Aquatikus American Specialty who became Nordic Ch. Second best dog was Swe Ch Doonbeg Rare Flare. ! Ch Famour Crowds Vela was entered in championclass. My Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation was entered in junior class and got the CC and best bitch! Second best bitch was Vela. In the challenge for BOB my young Hope´n Xpectation was BOB at the age of 9,5 month´s!!!
Swedish kennelclub, Staket
Judge: Ann Carlstrom

Aquatikus American Specialty was entered in championclass.

In juniorclass my Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation was entered for the first time in a official class. She was awarded the CC at only 9 month´s. BOB was American Specialy and BOS Hope´n Xpectation.
Spaniel and Retriever club, Sodertalje 
Judge: Marie-L Doppelreiter, Austria
Ch Aquatikus American Specialty was BOB
On the 6th of August N Ch Aquatikus American Specialty, "William" came over from Norway with his owner Bjorg Helene Krogh Andersen. William stayed for showing.
Swedish kennelclub, Nykoping
Judge: Ann Joe Sampaio, Brazil
Aquatikus American Specialty recieved his first swedish CC and became Swe and Norw Ch. He was also BOB. My young puppy Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation was BOB puppy.

Aquatikus Irish Legend passed his first bloodtracking test. "Paddy" is owned by Annika Jäverhammar and myself.




Swedish kennelclub Avesta
Judge: Mr Michael Quinney, England. BOB puppy Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation. Owned by myself




Swedish kennelclub Norrköping.
Judge: Fredrik Norgren, Sweden. BOB puppy was Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation. Owned by myself.



Spaniel and Retriever club at Almare Stäket.
Two bitchpuppies were entered, Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation and Aquatikus Style´n Xpectation and one adult dog Aquatikus Irish Legend under Mrs Freda Marshall, England. BOB puppy was Aquatikus Hiope´n Xpectation and second best bitchpuppy Aquatikus Style´n Xpectation. Both puppies owned by myself. His second CC and BOB went to Aquatikus Irish Legend. "Paddy" is co-owned with Annika Jäverhammar.

Aquatikus Hope´n Xpectation          Aquatikus Irish Legend.  
Photo Mia Sangren

News 2006

Swedish Kennelclub in Norrkoping
Judge was Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden.
First CC and BOS went to 14 month´s old Aquatikus Irish Legend. "Paddy" is owned by myself and Annika Javerhammar. BOB was Nord Ch Aquatikus A Special Lease.



Norweigan kennelclub, Oslo
7 dogs was entered, 2 dogs and 5 bitches, a record for Norway! The judge was Annukka Paloheimo from Finland.
CC, Norweigan winner title and BOB went to my own Swe, Dan Ch Aquatikus A Special Lease. "Leasa" became Nordic Champion!
BOS was Norw Ch Aquatikus American Specialty, owned by Björg Krogh Andersen, Norway



The Norwigan Spanielclub arranged a 2 days show with different judges each day. Aquatikus On Lease, Chaplin", was entered both days. The first day Mr David Schields, England, judged the IWS. He gave Chaplin his second CC and BOB. Well done!

    Foto Roger Simonsen
The next day it was Mrs Coode from England who judged. Even this day Chaplin recieved CC and BOB and this ment he became a Champion!!!  Big congrats goes to Chaplin and his owners Roger Simonsen and Solveig Ask from Norway.


Spaniel and Retriever show at Skokloster 
Skokloster is a quite famour Spaniel and Retriever show in Sweden. Quite often we have breed specialists judging. Even so this year when Mrs Jennifer Lloyd Carey, Of Ware and Falconers, judged. There was an entry of 4.
BOB was Swe and Dan Ch Aquatikus A Special Lease, by Dan Ch Aquatikus Tall Brown and Handsome - Jump and Joy Jill, bred and owned by myself.
Second best bitch was Swe Ch Aquatikus Colonial Style, by Swe Ch Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker - Pentwyn Bronagh. "Lyra" is owned by Lisa Hosk.
At her first show, Brenna V.H. Nardinc Bastion imported from Holland, recieved her first CC.

Brenna certanly enjoyed her day out. She is bred by Mary and Hans Knoppert and owned by myself and Mats Sjogren.



USA, Aquatikus A Castlehill Green Spot was BOB and had a 3 point major, at 8 month´s of age. "Cozmo" is by Ir Ch Cahean Ingleside - Swe Ch Aquatikus Colonial Style and owned by Sue Tapp and Susanne Narfstrom



News 2005


Swedish Spaniel and Retriever club in Södertälje  SU(u)Ch o Danish Ch Aquatikus A Special Lease had her 5th BOB this year under Mr Kim Bay, Denmark. Later in the afternoon she was also 4th Best in Show. The BIS final was judged by Ann-Christine Johansson, Sweden 


Nkk Oslo. Aquatikus American Specialty got his last and important CC and BOB. Judge: Michael McCarthy, England. "William" is now a Norw Champion. He is owned by Björg Helene Krogh Andersen, Norway


Swedish Spaniel and Retriever club in Iggusund "Leasa", Aquatikus A Special Lease, had her very important 3rd CC and became Swedish and Danish Champion. Judge: Bertil Lundgren.



During the weekend 11-12th of June we made a hatrick!!
3 CC´s in three different countries with three different dogs!

11/6 Danish kennelclubs show in Hillerod. CC and BOB went to Aquatikus A Special Lease. Judge: Ann-Lise Nylin, Denmark. ”Leasa” is owned by Susanne Narfstrom.
11/6 Norwigan Spaniel Club, Vestfold.  Aquatikus American Specialty had his second CC and BOB. He also was 5th Best in Show!! Bjarne Sörensen, Norway was judging the breed and Karin Brostam from Sweden did the Best in Show. “ William” is owned by Bjorg Helene Krogh Andersen, Norge.



12/6 Swedish Kennelclub, Vännäs.  Second CC and BOB went to Aquatikus Just My Luck. He was also 5th in group 8. Breed judge was   Bjarne Sorensen, Norway and group judge was Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen, Finland. “Zappa” is owned by Asa Bagger, Umea.




Norweigan Spaniel club held a show in Honefoss where Aquatikus On Lease had his first CC. Owners are Solveig Ask and Roger Simonsen, Norway

Swedish Spaniel and Retrieverclub at Gotland Aquatikus A Special Lease had her second CC and BOB. Judge: Fredrik Norgren.
Aquatikus A Special Lease

20/3 Swedish Spaniel and Retrieverclub in Sandviken, Aquatikus A Special Lease, "Leasa", had her first CC and BOB. Second best bitch was Bayrakki´s Silvervinge. Judge was Mrs Ing- Marie Hagelin.


News 2004


The first litter of Irish Water Spaniel in 15 years was born in Norway. The sire is Aquatikus American Specialty, William, and the dame is Norw Ch Bayrakki´s Beamish, Mish.


19/11 Hamar, Norway. Aquatikus A Special Lease, Leasa, was second best bitch with Res CACIB on her first show. There was 7 IWS entered under breed specialist Angela Williams, Foulby, England. BOB and CAC, CACIB and a Norw Championtitle went to GB Sh Ch, Fin Ch, FinW-04, SW-04 Fynder Freethinker, owned by Seidi Linnavuori and Judith Carruthers, England. Freethinker was also pulled out in the group. Second best dog was Aquatikus American Specialty, owned by Bjorg Helene Krogh Andersen, Norway. BOS with CAC, CACIB and a Norw Ch title went to Fin Ch Bayrakki´s Munin, (halfsister to Leasa) owned by Susan Salminen, Finland. 3rd best bitch was Seidi Linnavuoris Fin Ch, DK Ch, Swed Ch, Catanka Taste of Waltz.
11/9 SSRK, Umea. A new fieldtrailtest start for "Zappa", Aquatikus Just My Luck. Even this time he got a third prize. Judge was Lars Lillnor. Zappa has started twice this season in workingtests with 49 and 54 points.

SSRK, Ornskoldsvik. Lyra´s brother started on a retriever fieldtrailtest. He was awarded a third prize. Judge: Lars Johnsson. Zappa is owned by Asa Bagger, Umea.

31/7 Swedish kennelclub, SKK, Ronneby. Lyra was awarded her third CAC and BOB and became SU(u) Ch. Judge was Kenneth Edh, Sweden

19/6 SSRK, Ornskoldsvik. Lyra (Colonial Style) had her second CAC and BOB. Judge: Hans Rosenberg, Sweden.


Swedish Spaniel and Retriever club, SSRK, Skokloster. Aquatikus Colonial Style, Lyra, had her first CAC and BOB. Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden. Lyra is owned by Lisa Hosk, Jarfalla.



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