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News 2013

Sollentuna Puppy show
Judge: Mats Jonsson
Knappen was Best of Breed today. Very proud breeder and owner.


Kista Pug dog club show
Judge puppies and males: Jan Tornblom and bitches Joakim Ohlsson
103 dogs entered.
First in the ring were the puppies, 28. "Knappen", Aquatikus Trick or Treat, by Ch Highroad´s Ludvig - Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia, went to his first show ever at 4 months. Knappen behaved very well and was Best opposite puppy in show. Best in Show puppy was Ann Christine Lands Ancemas Crem Muffin.
Milton, Aquatikus Averidge Joe, was second in the open class and Doris, Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia, ended up as 3rd best bitch of the day. A great day!



News 2012



Stockholm Swedish kennelclub
Judge: Mrs Alison Mount, England
124 dogs entered

Always great fun to show at the show as the competion is so very hard.
"MIlton", Aquatikus Averidge Joe, was entered in a big tough open class. He won the class with a CAC quality

but wasn´t placed in the best dog lineup but we were very pleased anyway. Proud owners to Milton is Sofia Thelander and Magnus Key.


Växjö Swed kennelclub, 67 entered pugs
Judge: Andreas Shemel, Great Britain

Had Aquatikus Averidge Joe, "Milton", with me, always great fun.
It went so good for us. First Milton won the open class and was best male, including CAC, CACIB. After compeating with best bitch he was given the BOB rosette, what a day. Milton now has 2 CAC:s.
Miltons lovely daughter, Semland Olli-Molly was BOB puppy, well done breeder Gunilla Hirwing!


Sundsvall Swed kennelclub
Judge: Gabriele Runge
Even here Pucko won the open class and was second best dog with res CAC, res CACIB, well done both of you!


Timrå Swedish minature dog club
Judge: Mr Benjamin Luxton
A two day show always draw a good entry, even so here. About 60 pugs was entered today and nearly as many the next day at the kennelclub show.
Anki Wasell had entered her Aquatikus Bachelor Bill, "Pucko" to both shows.
First day he won the open class and was 3rd best dog with the res CAC, not bad!


Backamo, Ljungskile, SKK
Judge: Per Svarstad, Sweden

Today Lilly, Pugsies Summer Sunshine, made her debut. She was entered in the juniorclass. There were 8 bitches in her class and she ended up as 2nd with ck. Good job Kicki who showed her.


Mopsorden, pugclub, Kistamassan
Judges: Anitha Thunström, Mopp´s did the dogs and Gunilla Hirwing, Semlans, did bitches.
105 dogs entered.
Mopsorden, the swedish pugclub, organize a dogshow at Kista showground every yearin January. Always big entries and nice dogs, so it was this year. We had 105 entered dogs.

Milton, Aquatikus Averidge Joe, came with us was entered in junior class. He won that class, good job! Later he came in to the best dog final. The judge pulled out the 4 dogs she wanted to stay in the ring, among them Milton and me. In the end there was only 2 dogs left and all of a sudden the judge handed over the red rosette to me, fantastic, wonderful!

Then it was time for Miltons mother Nordic Ch Pugsies Ophelia, Doris, to enter the ring in the championclass. She was second in the class to the nice Ch Puggens Hannah. Doris ended up as 3rd best bitch, very pleased.
The BIS final started and Gunilla Hirwing judged and handed over the BIS rosette to me and Milton, what a day. I was more than pleased.

News 2011


Stockholms Hundmassa Swedish Kennelclub
101 pugs was entered under 2 different judges.
Dogs was judged by Mrs Joyce Clark from Great Britain and bitches by Mrs Kirsi Laamanen, Finland.

It was nice to see Aquatikus Bachelor Bill, "Pucko", who came down from  Umea. Thank you Anki Vasell for coming so I could see Pucko. Pucko and his brother Milton, Aquatikus Averidge Joe, was both entered in the juniorclass. It was a big class and both had their exelent and Pucko was placed third in the class with a ck quality. Well done Anki and Pucko!  Pucko and Milton are by Fin Ch Vilway´s Quickstep Dandy and Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia. Milton is owned by Fia Thelander and Magnus Key.

Emily Pikul from USA handled Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia, Doris, in the championclass. It was a big class of 10 very nice championbitches and Doris was placed 2nd after the lovely Ch Tangetoppen´s Hot and Spicy who also was best of Breed. Doris was placed 3rd best bitch from 55 bitches so I was very pleased with the result!
Thank you Emily for handling Doris so well.




Vaxjo Swdish kennelclub
Judge: Petrus Roosenboom, Belgien
78 dogs entered
Aquatikus Averidge Joe was 2nd best junior with cac guality. "Milton" is owned by Fia Thelander and Magnus Key
Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia, "Doris", was 2nd best bitch, I was more than pleased!



Swedish toy club, Hogbo
Aquatikus Bachelor Bill won the juniorclass with a ck (cac quality) and was choosen as best junior in breed. Well done Anki Wasell, Umea.


Today our new little member arrived to the crew, Pugsies Summer Sunshine, "Lillie", 11 weeks today.


Swedish kennelclub Vänersborg
Judge Karl-Erik Johansson.
26 dogs entered.
BOB och CAC went to the more than happy Carmita Lundins Puggens Wester. This was his first CAC but certanly not his last. Big congrats!
Bitch CAC and the so important last CAC went to Pugsies New Dawn who can call herself SE CH from today. "Lisa" is bred and owned by Margareta Rosenberg, Lagan. BOS and her first CACIB went to my beloved Doris, great!

BIM gick till min underbara Doris som fick sitt första cacib, härligt.



Swedish kennelclub  Norrköping
Judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden
36 dogs entered.
Milton, Aquatikus Averidge Joe, was entered for the second time and was placed third i the juniorclass with ck.
Dog CAC went to Tangetoppen´s Wild Hero, owned by Patrik Cederlöv. Bitch CAC and BOB went to a  very nice young bitch, Zuma´s Wiwa La Diva. Also owned by Patrik Cederlöv. Well done Patrik!



Swedish kennelclub, Lidköping
Judge Elisabeth Olsen, Norge
42 pugs entered.
Doris was third best bitch.
Dog CAC and BOS went to the lovely black dog Qimic´s Qlimp who also recieved his champion title this day. Well done to breeder Kajsa Sohlberg and owners Elisabet and Svante Pettersson, Bålsta.
BItch CAC was given to Puggens Pretty-Girl who also was second best bitch. Pretty-Girl is owned by Christina Andersson. BOB went to the championbitch Beamztar Scilla Seberica own by  Jenny Lundin, Bromma



Swedish kennelclub, Västerås
Judge Gunnel Holm, Finland

66 pugs was entered. Aquatikus Averidge Joe, Milton, was shown officially for the first time in junior class. 7 dogs was entered in his class. Milton was placed second in his class with ck, not bad for a firsttimer. Congrats to owner Fia Thelander and Magnus Key, Stockholm.
Little Doris, Nord Ch Pugsies Ophelia, was ofcourse entered as well. She won the championclass and was placed second in the best of bitchclass beaten by a lovely young bitch, Tangetoppen´s Hot and Spicy, who also bacame BOS and also recieved the bitch CAC. 
BOB was Ch Winsome´s Gold Standard. Both BOB and BOS winner are owned by Björn Erling Lökken, Norway. Well done!
The dog CAC went to Puggens Verner who also became champion today. Big congrats to breeder and owners Lena and Johanna Nyberg.


News 20


Ballerup, Danish kennelclub
Judge for Pugs: Julija Aidietiené, Lithuania

There were 44 pugs entered. BOB and group 2 went to Bjorn Erling Loken´s american born dog Ch Windsome´s Gold Standard. BOS was Int Ch Zumas Just N Other Cover Girl, owned and bred by Susannne Larsson. Second best bitch was my own Doris, Ch Pugsies Ophelia. She recieved her very important CAC and became Nordic Ch. She also recieved her first CACIB, great!



Umeå puppyshow
Judge: Susanne Nilsson

Pucko was shown today as well. The result of the day was BIG 3. Big congrats goes to Anki and Pucko.       




Umeå puppyshow
Judge: Gunnel Wahlström

Milton´s litterbrother Aquatikus Bachelor Bill, "Pucko", also made his debute
 in the showring this day. He copied his brother by winning the group but climed a bit higher up in the BIS final and was BIS 2! Big congrats goes to Pucko and his owner Ann-Kristin Wasell from Umea.




Poodleclub puppyshow:
Judge: Elisabeth Spillman

Photo: Stefan Lindquist
 Today Doris, Ch Pugsies Ophelia´s, son Aquatikus Averidge Joe, "Milton" made his first apperance in the showring. It was a success. Milton won the group under judge Elisabeth and was placed 3rd in the Best in Shoe lineup. Cojudge in BIS final was Yvonne Larsson.

Proud breeder had the honour to show Milton. He is owned by Fia Thelander and Magnus Key.




Swedish kennelclub Askersund
Judge: Tina Permo, Sweden

Hip hip hurra!

Pugsies Ophelia, Doris, became swedish and Finnish champion today by winning the CAC. 41 Pugs was entered and  BOB was JWW-10, Nord JV-09 Beamztar Armanti d´estate, owned by Åke Cronander and Patrik Cederlöf. BOS was Ch Ancema´s Cinnamon Muffin, owned by Ann-Christine Land.




News 2009


Domare: Reneé Sporre Willes
91 Pugs was entered for breedspecialist Mrs Reneé Sporre Willes,
"Cobby´s". BOB was the championbitch Ch Beamztar Scilla Siberica. BOS and a championtitle went to Felixtra´s Ville Den Lille, well done.
My little Doris was second in the big openclass and 4th best bitch out of 49 bitches, not bad!




65 pugs was entered for Mr Frank Kane from England.

My little Doris won the openclass och recieved the CAC and was 2nd best bitch, hurray!!. 



4/10 NKK Hamar
Judge: Elisabeth Olsen, Norway
There were 22 pugs entered. We just nearley had the CAC and CACIB but was beaten by a nice juniorbitch in the best bitch class. We did win over 2 champion bitches so we were still pleased. We love to go to Norway anyway!


9/8 SKK Askersund
Judge:: Hans Almgren
My little pug Doris, Pugsies Ophelia, got her second CC today, hurra! Doris is bred by Margareta Key Rosenberg


7/6 Swedish kennelclub Norrkoping
Judge: Dan Ericsson, Sweden
46 Pugs was entered and Doris, Pugsies Ophelia, recieved her first CC from the juniorclass and was 3rd best bitch.

BOB was Ch Tangetoppen´s Bz Star and BOS was Felixtra´s Ville Den Lille

News 2008

SKK Stockholm
Judge: Monica Stavenborn
105 Pugs was entered to Älvsjö this year.
My little Pug Doris was just 15 months.There were 20 dogs entered in her class and she was placed 5th with a prize of honour.



SKK Växjö. Judge: Elsbeth Clerc, Schweitz
62 Pugs was entered. 9 bitches was entered in juniorclass where my bitch Pugsies Ophelia, Doris, won the class with a CC quality.




FKK Aland.

Pugsies Ophelis, Doris, made her debute in the showring.
From an entry of 22 pugs Doris became 3rd best bitch with the res CC.
We are very proud!